buckets2013-07-17 11.21.09

The Disaster Response team was originally responsible for UMCOR relief kit collection and distribution. They were struggling with logistical problems such as where to store cleaning buckets, how to keep track of equipment purchased for previous disaster response, and how to arrange for an Early Response Team trailer and equipment.

Eastbrook Mission Barn has worked closely with the WPA Disaster Response Team to collect and store disaster response tools, keep an inventory of available stock, plan for future disaster response, and make supplies readily available to responding volunteers.


Range of Ministry:

  • Disaster response tools and equipment are available to any United Methodist team in our region with priority given to WPA Direct Response
  • If tools and equipment are not being used to respond to an active disaster, they can be used by teams who are rebuilding
    • Volunteer teams have taken various tools to recovery places in North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York
    • Other teams have used Eastbrook Mission Barn equipment to rebuild in Delaware
    • Many rebuilding projects have been done in WPA using equipment from the Eastbrook Mission Barn


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