Under Mission Education and Development, the Eastbrook Mission Barn places the following work areas:

  • Development of Satellite depots throughout parts of the Eastern Ohio and Western Upper New York Conference, as well as western WVA.
    • The goal with these depots is to increase participation in UMCOR by locating collection and work sites closer to local churches. There are currently 6 Satellite depots and the WPA conference Center
      • Park UMC: North East PA
      • Connellsville Area Community Ministries
      • Harris Hill UMC (Buffalo NY Area)
      • Smithport UMC, Glen Campbell, PA (Indiana District)
      • Smethport UMC, Smethport PA (Kane District)
      • New Kinsington UMC (Greensburg District)
  • The encouragement and facilitation of the development of modular ramp building projects in local churches, clusters, and districts
  • Providing ramp modules and support for ramp building program around the WPA, East Ohio and other conferences, as requested.
  • Speaking at local churches, organizations and agencies, United Methodist Women groups, and district events.
    • Explain and promote UMCOR, ramp projects, and the ministry of EMB
    • Work with Mission U and other WPA conference groups to train and supervise volunteers and explain the ministry of UMCOR
    • Work with local community and ecumenical groups (teams) to provide hands-on ministry in Lawrence County
    • Work with Merakey Alleghany Valley School, LARK Enterprises, LCARC, and CARES of WPA special needs adults, as well as Highland House men, to build ramps and expand their awareness of community needs and their own ability to help


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