A Brief History…

The “Modular Ramp Project” was the first undertaking at the Eastbrook Mission Barn. In 2008, the WPA Conference decided to “Blitz Build” a Habitat for Humanity house in Mercer, PA. Over 600 volunteers signed up to work on the house during the week of Annual Conference ’08. Diane Miller, who was then serving as Director of WPA VIM / Missions, came to Nelson and Linda Thayer and asked if they could employ up to 30 volunteers a day during that week to relieve the flood of people at the Mercer site. In order to use these people, the Modular Ramp Project was developed based on the designs of the NE Jurisdication VIM Coordinator, Greg Forrester. This project was fully developed and funded in just three weeks!



EMB works with various partners in order to receive referrals and funding for ramp projects. The Modular Ramp Program serves individuals who need a ramp in order to access their home.   There are over 15 other ramp ministries around the conference using similar plans.  

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