Compelled by Christ, the EMB works to alleviate human suffering and advance hope and healing on behalf of the people called United Methodist.


Established in 2008 as a ministry of the Eastbrook United Methodist Church, our mission is 4-fold:

  • Collect, process, package, store, and ship UMCOR kits in a tri-state region.
  • Construct handicap access ramps and help with local needs
  • Provide material support for ERT (Early Response Teams) doing disaster response.
  • Provide education about Christian mission – especially UMCOR and UMVIM

Assist UMCs around the New Castle Community in poverty alleviation and community development.

Since 2008 we have shipped over $1 million worth of UMCOR kits; built 190+ ramps; developed 4 Satellites in 2 states;Supported 10 ramp-building ministries around our conference; supported several ERT teams with our tool trailers; and are involved with youth and adults with disabilities, recovering addicts, and youth and adults from WPA, East Ohio, and Upper NY in our ministries.

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